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Beautiful Justice

Reclaiming My Worth After Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse


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Brooke has performed with artists, such as English pop star Dido and internationally recognized drummer, Terry Bozzio (of Frank Zappa). She has collaborated with producers Stephen Bruton (guitarist for Bonnie Raitt), Charlie Sexton (guitarist for Bob Dylan), Mitch Watkins (guitarist for Leonard Cohen and Lyle Lovett). Brooke released her CD, Creatrix, to critical acclaim.


creatrix (iTunes)

1. make a woman

2. kiss the night away

3. be careful with a woman like me

4. in your hands

5. dangerous beauty

6. kore of the incantation

7. lover of my soul

8. pretty please

9. border girls

10. sanctuary

11. makeout mannequin

12. gypsy blue

holy breathing

1. as it is in heaven

2. before the stone

3. dirty one

4. voice lessons

5. holy breathing

6. i cannot tell you what i have seen

paper doll

1. madonna

2. rain

3. pretty girls should

4. the beauty of my generation

5. ghosts at the window

6. art can kill

7. you don’t know me now

8. america, the beautiful

9. paper doll

10. merry margaret

11. our blood

12. congress street

13. ad majorem dei gloriam