Through powerful, inspirational presentations, Brooke addresses human trafficking, sexual assault and domestic violence. As a writer, survivor speaker and performing artist, she passionately shares her vision of healing and hope.

National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children Gala (Hyatt, Austin)

Safe Place Celebration (Hyatt, Austin)

Victim Right’s Caucus with 
Congressman Ted Poe (Houston)

The University of Texas

The University of Arizona

Traffick 911 “Voices of Innocence”
(Long Center, Austin)

National Sexual Assault
Conference (Chicago)

Amplify Austin for National Center
for Missing & Exploited Children
(Google, Austin)

Travis County Police Department 

"...one of the country's leading experts and advocates for survivors of sexual assault.”

"...an inspirational poet, author and activist... I learned so much from talking with this amazing survivor and artist about how being in touch with our creative soul can help victims of trafficking begin to heal from trauma.”

"Poet and songwriter Brooke Axtell told her story with clarity and grace. It was important to hear it.”

"Brooke is a multi-talented, inspiring and impressive woman. A rising star.”

"...brilliant, creative, wise woman. I am entirely impressed with her work. Highest number of stars and shout-outs from me.”

"You may have heard of the name Brooke Elise Axtell through her wonderful work as an artist and activist to eradicate sexual abuse. If not, I predict you will very soon. A survivor of sexual assault, abuse and domestic minor sex-trafficking, Brooke uses the power of her beautiful and passionate voice through her numerous talents to bring her own healing message to others. She is not only a musician and an award-winning writer but through powerful, multi-media presentations, she has a unique way of articulating the importance of feminist leadership in changing how culture deals with sexual abuse."